Welcome to Natural Birth Basics!

This is the first step in designing your client-led, doula-supported meeting covering everything you need to know to have the best birth experience possible.

Who is this meeting for?

  • Clients who are planning a natural birth in any setting, but for whom a full-length comprehensive childbirth course is not feasible or desired
  • Clients who may have taken a full-length childbirth course in a previous pregnancy but need to refresh their memory for the current pregnancy
  • Clients who wish to supplement their childbirth education
  • Clients who are planning to utilize interventions during their birth experience, but want to spend the majority of labor at home before heading to the hospital

How to use this website:

This website covers topics that I feel are essential to having the kind of birth experience you want. Each article provides a brief overview of the topic, lists resources for further review and study, and concludes with questions to test your knowledge. These articles do not contain everything you need to know about each topic. They are only the very basics. If you feel like you need to know more about a certain topic, we will talk about it in your meeting. If you feel confident that you know enough about that topic, we will not cover it in your meeting. In this way, you are in charge of your own education. Our meeting helps fill in any gaps.

About the Natural Birth Basics Facebook Group:

As part of this meeting, you will be added to the closed Natural Birth Basics Facebook Group. This meeting will contain more in-depth facebook live videos about the basic topics included on the website as well as other extra topics that I feel are helpful to those who are planning a natural childbirth. Think of the facebook live videos as a quasi-podcast about anything and everything birth.

About the Natural Birth Basics Meeting:

We will meet via Zoom, ideally around 36 weeks gestation. Please allow approximately 2 hours for this meeting. If you feel like you need to know more than what can be contained in a 2-hour meeting, I encourage you to register for a comprehensive childbirth course.

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